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New Feature - Music!

PostPosted: Mon Jan 27, 2014 11:03 pm
by RGB9000
New release today! This is an optional update, but if you download the latest version from, you will now be treated to the classic silencer music while in the menus as well as a selection of mood music during gameplay. You can even add your favorite modules to the "music" folder to customize your experience (xm, s3m, mod, it format). This can be disabled in the Options menu if you prefer.
This version is still "21" because it remains compatible with the earlier release.
Post here if you have some other favorite tracks that you like to listen to during gameplay.

Re: New Feature - Music!

PostPosted: Tue Jan 28, 2014 1:23 am
by admin
Also would like to note, not only mod files, but regular MP3's can be added to the music folder as well. If you want to change the menu music just replace CLOSER2.MP3, that's the original MP3 from 1999 but Silencer originally did not have any music during gameplay so a selection of tracker music that fit the game well was selected by RGB9000.

Re: New Feature - Music!

PostPosted: Thu Apr 03, 2014 4:13 am
by RGB9000
As the admin mentioned, I have been the primary "suggester" of the included in-game music modules.
I have tried to pick music that is a combination of dark/gritty, action-packed, and futuristic to best match the silencer theme.

I wonder if people like what I have picked so far. All the files I have added are "module" format, such as .mod, .s3m, .it, .xm, etc. If you are not familiar with these, you can PLAY them in a program called "XMPlay" from (400kb download), and you can easily EDIT them with OpenMPT, at (4 MB download, very very easy to edit these files and change them)

I'd like some feedback, what is the favorite track you've heard so far? What is your least favorite? Why? Do you agree with my thematic choices? ... has anyone heard of modules before today? :mrgreen: Has anyone added their own tracks? (Remember, you can use MP3 files as well)

Here is a quick rundown of the tracks:

Dream Tear Down-very futuristic, very good beat, fast paced, instills a sense of urgency. Really fits the theme I wanted
Cosmic Outflow- starts slow. Reminds me that I'm just a small cog in on a big corrupt planet fighting against impossible odds. Space theme.
Across the sky-Very slow, simple, subtle, maybe dreaming of the ideal, fits best for the less intensive moments
Ma Eyez Wide Open- very chill soundtrack, very "digital" sounding at times
STEIN - another very slow piece, contains a lot of static sounds, not a favorite per se.
Martian Lovesong- very electronic, very complex, with both quiet moments and very busy moments, another really good fit IMO
Hispeed Menu-Not too fast, not too slow, one of the brighter songs (This file actually contains several tracks, in ZSilencer, only the 1st one plays)
Tasting Malibu - fast paced but still a simpler track. Almost gets repetitive.
Contrazmis-part1-a very very subtle piece, not much more than a beat most of the time, fits best when just running around hacking, not the hi-action sequences
Discovered - by the same artist as Contrazmis, and I would comment the same things
Seaside Hotel(Rooms) - Pure action. Very attention-grabbing, best for when trying to steal or carrying a secret
SofaSurfing-a very slow, dreary piece, but also very high quality with the rain effects and the laughing, and the echos
Toxic Waste-Another pure action, adrenaline pumping track. An awesome fit when running for your life
Ride##-Another fast paced track to balance out the selection

I already have 3 more tracks in line to add, "Cosmic Compressor", "Hard to Believe", and "Lets Go To Hell", so that there is a variety of files and they don't get stale. That will be the last of the files I have lined up, for now, but I am always looking for new tracks that I can imagine pair well with silencer.

You may wonder why I go with all modules? First of all, most modules loop very 'cleanly', and they are also very high quality sound for the size (the 14 included files only weigh 8.3 megs between them!) as well as the ease at which you can edit them as I mentioned above. You can download huge collections for free online, and I have found some really sweet tracks. I have a many many more favorites but they don't fit the theme.

Read all that? Here is a secret..
Look for the following line in config.cfg : musicvolume = 48
You can change that number to turn down the music, if you find the music interferes with voicechat or is just too loud for your taste.