How can I start single player mode ??

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How can I start single player mode ??

Postby Levan » Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:16 pm

This game looks very promising and fun but I can not find a way to start this game in single player mode, so is there a way to start it in single player ?? if not is it planned ??

Thank you for your time
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Re: How can I start single player mode ??

Postby ryan010686 » Tue Feb 24, 2015 2:23 am

hey bro .. this game does not have a single player mode.. it is a online multiplayer game... This is an old game we bought back very recently so not many players still know about it. you should play the tutorial and learn how to play and once you have figured out most of the control.. reach out to the veteran players of this game whom you could find on Facebook.
there's a forum on Facebook called " Silencer " just look it up ... or add me i'm a veteran of this game also. my name on Facebook is Ryan Rasel and you can look me up with this email address..
i also have another Facebook which is rasel m. hossain and that Facebook is registered to this email
i'll be able to answer all your questions and also help you learn and play the game to it's full potential... but the only way to play this game is to get in touch with the other veterans of the game and all log on at the same time this is how we've been playing these days. so once again find us on Facebook under " Silencer " and add all the members to ur friends list lol you post on the Facebook forum when you want to play and most likely if someone is on they'll come join you... you take care .. and hope to hear from you soon:) t.c
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